So let’s talk about needlepoint bands, GLORIOUS NEEDLEPOINT BANDS!

Earlier this year I talked about bands in needlepoint in this blog post. The design from the January/February 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now shows bands and this blog post features a further interpretation of the same design.  Once again, there is no specific pattern for this heart but I believe most of you will be able to discern details around the stitches on close examination.

Tips on Achieving This Design

I think the key to working with bands is varying the width. You will note both narrow, medium and wide bands in this design as well as layering.  A great example is the centre band which has a row of open stitches (where the canvas shows through) bordered with two identical rows in the same band on either side. 

Many colours, all little bits of both size 5 Perle cotton and floss were used.

Colour #50, #53 and #48 were some of the colours used to stitch this beautiful needlepoint band.  I will mention some of the stitches I recognize like sheaf stitch, maltese cross, herringbone and Smyrna.  Again, all simple stitches, it’s simply how you combine them.

Another fun, fast and easy stitch!  Enjoy

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