I couldn’t resist the urge to showcase this delightful candy cane needlepoint pattern once again.  If you are eager to embark on a stitching project planning ahead for next year’s holiday season, this creation is worth your attention.

Towards the end of the previous year, I began noticing an array of Christmas-themed ornaments adorning trees and homes, each resembling the iconic striped candy cane pattern. Intrigued by this charming design, I decided to dive into the crafting world and embarked on a creative journey of my own.

The result?

 Our own Candy Cane ornament.

Designing this Candy Cane needlepoint pattern is not just a creative project and endeavour; it’s also a fun and engaging one. The finished ornament measures a cozy 2 ¾ inches, making it a perfect addition to your holiday décor.

To bring this design to life, we are offering a custom thread kit including the following Colour Complements threads:

  • Colour Complements Color #18 (greens)
  • Colour Complements Color #184 (bright greens)
  • Colour Complements Color #187 (reds)

Additionally, I’ve utilized Petite Sparkle Rays and Neon Rays in my project, although these items are not included in the kit. You may already have these threads or suitable substitutes in your needlework stash. 

When you purchase the thread kit, you’ll receive an email PDF pattern for the Candy Cane ornament. What’s more, the thread quantities in the kit are more than sufficient, allowing you the flexibility to stitch not just one but potentially more ornaments. You could even experiment with alternating the colours included in the kit to create a second Candy Cane variation – the choice is entirely yours.

I sincerely hope you enjoy stitching your own Candy Cane ornament. Special thanks go to Marilyn for her expertise creating the PDF pattern.  Happy stitching!  Follow the link below for our Candy Cane thread kit!

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