Today’s heart features rows of needlepoint bands.  Bands are quite popular in needlepoint.  You can find books on bands such as this one and of course there are lots of examples searching online.  All of the bands displayed in this heart could easily be adapted to creating borders as well.

The heart featured today is an adaptation of the pattern I have shared in a previous post from the January/February 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now.  Dominique repeated some of the patterns used in the design but placed the bands differently and added several of her own.  The center section is stitched with a simple cross stitch but in varying colours – all leftover bits of threads. 

While she has used some Colour Complements threads, many were from her own stash. 

Just goes to show how adapting a pattern can provide quite a difference in appearance. 

The Hearts for Hospice project was initiated in 2015 by the Greater Kansas City Needlepoint Guild.  You can read more about it by visiting their website. 

I hope this has provided you with even more inspiration for stitching.  AND, as always, experiment with colour.  You never know what you may come up with. 

Thank you Dominique.

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