The pattern of this green and blue Temari ball reminded me of the blooming petals of a chrysanthemum. 

Lo and behold when I read Verna’s note she chose the pattern, Emperor, from Barb Seuss’s first book titled “Chrysanthemum”! How fitting.  

That wasn’t the only thing that was fitting about this particular Temari ball.

I checked a wee bit of history and it turns out that most species of chrysanthemum’s originated in Asia, specifically China. It’s a wonderful coincidence how the inspiration behind the pattern and the temari ball itself draws from the same continent.

I’m rather fond of “mums” myself.  I’ve always found they are particularly long-lasting making a lovely addition to arrangements.

While most chrysanthemums take on bright, colourful and warmer shades, I’d love to see the green and blue combination of this Temari ball in nature!  I have seen those lovely chartreuse ball mums in various arrangements, however!

Details Around this Green & Blue Temari Ball

To achieve the pattern of this beautiful green and blue Temari ball, Verna wrapped the ball with a bright blue thread interlaced with metallic. 

She used only two Colour Complements colours in size 8 Perle cotton – Colour #184 and #53. The combination of these threads creates a lovely, cool-ish hue. The bold lime green found in Colour #53 breaks the toned-down colour palette wonderfully.

I think this pattern really showcases the colours well. Do you agree?

If you are interested in learning more about Temari, make sure you visit Barbara Seuss’s website – worth the visit.

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