If you are not familiar with TEMARI balls then you are in for a treat today.  I was very surprised at the recent EAC seminar when I was presented with one of Verna’s beautiful temari balls as a gift.  She had made it especially for me using Colour Complements threads.  Verna specializes in temari balls and she will now be starting her 200th ball!  Yes, 200!  She tells me she needs to really think about the design for this special ball.

o, the pattern above is “Rose Garden” designed by Barbara Seuss.  Verna used size 8 perle cotton to complete this temari.

TEMARI are Japanese thread balls meaning “hand ball” in Japanese.  They are a folk art form originating in China and later introduced to Japan.  They were originally created as children’s toys.  Historically remnants of old kimonos were used as wadding to form the ball.  Today many use styrofoam balls and wrap these with a base of thread.  Designs are embroidered to the core base often in geometric patterns. 

You can find more of Verna’s temari balls HERE.

Thank you Marilyn for delivering my lovely surprise and thank you to Barbara for the design.  Thank you to Verna for another beauty.  I have added it to my temari jar!

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