Coincidentally enough, many of the Temari thread ball patterns that I’ve been featuring lately really echo the natural flora and fauna of Asia. This particular Temari ball we’re featuring today is no different.

The temari above is titled Jasmine.  This pattern as well as many of the other temari I will be sharing on the blog can be found in one of Barbara Seuss’ books.  Make sure you visit her website for more ideas!

When I think of jasmine, it brings back fond memories of travelling through parts of southeast Asia.  Jasmine has the most beautiful fragrance. I have one jasmine vine in my garden and may well add a second one this year. I chose this for the colour as I focused on a white garden but also for the beautiful fragrance.  I planted it last year so it is in the early stages of growth and so far the deer don’t seem to be as partial to it.  Deer are an ongoing challenge in my garden SO I’ll be spraying diligently once spring arrives. 

Details About this Temari Ball Pattern

Verna wrapped this ball with a black thread and finished with some metallic to give it a bit of a sparkle.

Just a note that all the balls she created for me this year have hangers and will be given as gifts for Christmas! It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, after all.

She used Colour #44 in this design which is an extremely popular colour in our collection. Many folks in the needlepoint community like using it for a variety of projects. Kam who designed my What a Hoot series, used this colour in her Rainbow Ribbons project and I’ve showcased it several times in both cross stitch and needlepoint on the blog. My website features many of these projects, so please be sure to check it out.

The thread itself has a vibrant blue, fuchsia and golden yellow/brown combination – stunning! 

Verna combined it with Colour #41 (discontinued from our shop) which features a beautiful shade of pink.  You could easily combine it with a solid pink as a substitute or even Colour #72 from my shop!

While I recognize that many of you will likely not attempt this particular Temari ball pattern, I hope some of the colour combinations used will inspire. 

Perhaps combine Colour #44 with some fuschia and blue and you have a great palette for your next embroidery project!

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