This month our Temari ball features a slightly different palette combining orange, blue and grey.

Incorporating a unique colour combination like orange, blue, and grey into your needlework design can create a striking and eye-catching effect.

This colour combination can be a refreshing departure from traditional shades and add a modern twist to your needlework project. The neutral grey balances the warm orange and cool blue tones, resulting in a sophisticated and stylish design. Experiment with different patterns and stitch techniques to enhance the visual appeal of your temari ball. With a unique colour scheme like this, your temari ball will surely stand out as a stunning piece of needlework art.

How we used this unique colour combination to create this temari ball

Verna chose a combination 8 version of Barbara Seuss’s dogwood design to create this Temari. As with most of our temari balls this year, the background is a black metallic interlaced with strands of colourful metallic.

I’ve talked about a combination 8 design previously. Eight division is a fundamental way to divide and mark a temari ball for embroidery. Each ball has a north and south pole and equator. The divisions are created by dividing the equator into eight sections.

The colours featured in this design include:

The design was stitched with size 8 perle cotton.

Want to learn more about Temari? Visit Barbara Seuss’ website, Japanese Temari.

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