TEMARI, Colour Complements threads

TEMARI today.  I have mentioned many times before that Verna, a fellow Canadian loves creating Temari balls.  Verna opted a beautiful black metallic background which I feel really enhances the colours.  The pattern is “Guardian Star” by Barbara Seuss.

Verna used three colours of perle cotton

Colour #41

Colour #134

Colour #1

She added some bling with some gold beads and a very fine gold thread.  Visit the SHOP.

If you are not familiar with Temari they are Japanese thread balls meaning “hand ball” in Japanese.  They are a folk art form originating in China and later introduced to Japan.  They were originally created as children’s toys.  Historically remnants of old kimonos were used as wadding to form the ball.  Today many use styrofoam balls and wrap these with a base of thread.  Designs are embroidered to the core base often in geometric patterns.

If it interests you to read more about Temari or attempt some yourself, you may like to check out Barbara Seuss’ website.

Thank you Verna.  Have a great weekend and back on Monday.

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