Today is the last post in the From Dawn to Dusk project. 

If you have been following this week, From Dawn to Dusk is a pattern designed by Canadian designer, Karen Dudzinski of Textured Treasures.  Karen has graciously provided me permission to share parts of this lovely design.

So, this week I have shared two samples of motifs from the pattern and today is the third motif #2-1.  What colours were used in this motif?

  • 183 & 189 in a size 5 perle cotton
  • 30, 31, 66, 187 in 6 strand floss
  • Beads & metallic

In my last post, I talked about options for coloured canvas.  What do you do if you don’t have any coloured canvas on hand?  I think we can all relate to this given the current supplier shortages due to COVID.

One option would be to paint your canvas but the group came up with another idea, one I wouldn’t have thought about myself.  So, the idea is the use white canvas but to stitch continental stitch using one strand of floss to provide a “background colour” to the canvas.  At the time we all thought this sounded like a great idea!  Well, Dominique arrived to stitch group the following week saying “she would never do that again as her eyes almost fell out”.  Needless to say, we all had a good chuckle.  BUT, I can appreciate that this would have been tedious stitching. 

The photo above shows detail so you can “see” the background stitching. The group agreed that you would only want to attempt this technique with a very small project. Here is a photo of the entire motif.


A border has been added to this sample to demonstrate how it could be squared off for finishing as an ornament.

Well, do you like the different ideas you’ve seen this week?

After viewing all three samples, we concluded while we really do like the individual motifs, we ALL prefer the full pattern versus individual motifs.  Part of the reason is the central area of the pattern connecting the motifs is quite lovely.  SO, this project will go in my “to stitch” bin for the future when I have more time to stitch – can hardly wait!

Thank you Karen for allowing me to share these samples.  Thank you Dominique – I’m so pleased your eyesight is intact for future stitching!!

From Dawn to Dusk can be purchased by messaging Karen on her Facebook page HERE.

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