On Monday I shared the first sample of From Dawn to Dusk and today I’d like to share the second motif. 

From Dawn to Dusk is a pattern designed by Canadian designer Karen Dudzinski of Textured Treasures.  Karen has graciously provided me her permission to share parts of this lovely design.

I mentioned on Monday that the design is larger and features twelve different motifs.  Today is the second motif, #1-2 – all the motifs are numbered in the pattern.

The following Colour Complements colours were used

Initially I asked Dominique to stitch a motif to give us an idea what colours might be best for future samples.   When she arrived to stitch group she had two of the motifs completed. 

Remember, I mentioned I’d share some of our discussions.  Well, while we liked the colours she chose, we all agreed that we didn’t really like the white canvas.  Each of the motifs were designed with some open space and therefore a coloured background truly does enhance the overall design. Yes, we could have chosen a coloured canvas from our stash but as I live out of town from the group, it would have been some weeks before I was down again. 

SO, one of the ladies came up with another idea – one with both pros and cons which I’ll share in Friday’s sample.  In the interim, you may just like to pick up the pattern from Karen on her Textured Treasures Facebook page.  Did I mention she has a From Dusk to Dawn group on Facebook.  It is worth visiting as lots of different colour combinations are shared “in progress”.    

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