Fall is approaching as temperatures are cooling so as they say, fall is in the air. I thought it would be timely to share some fall embroidery colours.  Many of you in the eastern states/provinces will be starting to see the gorgeous fall colours – lucky you!  Here on the west coast colours are more subdued.  When I think of fall I think of the oranges/yellows/reds BUT sometimes brown looks pretty good.

I have talked about BROWN in the past.  Personally, I have always felt brown can add a lot to a project.  You will see brown has been used in the border of this sample.

This needlepoint sample was stitched as a card insert and measures about 2 ½ inches square on 18 count canvas.  Several easy stitches create the design.  Rhodes, eyelet, gobelin, rice.  All can be found with a little research online.  Some great books are the “Stitches” series of books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky – they are worth checking out.

Colour #57 is my brown – blended rich variations.  Colour #56 is an unusual blend of golden yellow/orange and teal blue/green – works beautifully with #57.  Colour #18 is variations of greens.

Colour Complements Colours

I did want to mention there is a grey floss used which I think works beautifully with the colour scheme.  Don’t underestimate grey! Hopefully we have inspired you to start stitching some fall embroidery yourself to celebrate the season.

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