Do you like using coloured linen for stitching?

Since I don’t cross stitch myself, I didn’t realize what a variety of coloured linen is available in the market.  While I see more white for cross stitching samples I do love the coloured backgrounds.  I follow a number of Russian designers on social media and all use coloured either Aida or linen.  Their designs are beautiful.

Some of you may think brown is rather drab but this particular shade is a rich dark brown.  This sample is stitched using 2 strands of floss in Colour #37 which is a lovely blend of golden yellows and orange.  The sample measures 2 ½ inches.

This is a very small element of a larger pattern called Rosetta by Ink Circles.  You will find the pattern HERE.

Colour #37 is available in the shop along with several other colours that would look fabulous with the brown linen.  How about Colour #66 (bold orange) or Colour #67 (bold yellows) both introduced in my fall 2020 collection. 

Enjoy stitching!

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