Prior to Christmas, I started a series on how to construct a crazy quilt block and today, I am going to talk about embellishing crazy quilting. 

I specifically opted for a neutral class sample in grey, silver and white.  I did this as I wanted the focus of the class to be on stitching and various embellishing items one could use.  Besides, I had also wanted to stitch this colour selection for awhile and this was a great opportunity to do so.  I should mention that while my sample was fairly neutral, ALL the students (about 10) chose different colour schemes so it was a fun and colourful class. 

When I am constructing my blocks for crazy quilting, I tend to choose any laces or ribbons I think work with the chosen palette at the same time I select my fabrics.  I do this as I like to sew them into the seams.  In this situation, I was quite limited because of my colour scheme.  I did happen to have some grey polka dot ribbon and naturally I always have a selection of lace trims.  I’ll be discussing these more in a future post.

Once the block foundation with fabric and trims is complete I then move onto choosing my threads and embellishments.

I use a small basket to store all my embellishments for a project.  You will find these at any dollar store. 

The photo above gives you some idea of what I have in my stash.  I always like to choose a selection of various sizes and shapes (if I have them) of buttons.  Buttons are very handy.  Next I check out my stash of charms such as the leaf and butterfly above.  Then comes beads and sequins, again choosing any that either coordinate or complement my chosen colour scheme.  Finally, I choose a selection of threads and silk ribbons. 

Next we will move onto seam treatments and how to use all these embellishments

Have you chosen your colour palette?  Do you need any embroidery threads?  Check out my SHOP.

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