During my scrapbook days, resin charms were all the rage.  I don’t know if they are still but they are a fabulous addition to your crazy quilting and worth the time and effort. 

How do you create resin charms?

Start with a cabochon setting – google it and you will find all kinds of options.  I picked mine up years ago so have quite a large stash.  You know, more is better!  Well, remember at the time I was teaching card making BUT naturally I purchased far more than I would ever need.

Next step is to choose your background for the insert.  Scrapbook paper, collage paper, wrapping paper, newspaper.  I chose an image of a bird.  This is held in place with craft glue that dries transparent.  I typed up the word birds on my computer in a font I liked then cut it out.  I created a variety of these charms and left them to dry overnight on a tray.

Next day I mixed up my resin – it comes in two parts and is available at various craft stores including Michael’s.  Once it is mixed use it immediately and pour in the setting – don’t overfill!  I keep a pin handy to remove any air bubbles that may form.  **Hint – pour slowly and do not move the charms around after the resin pour.  Allow to dry overnight. 

That’s it.  A lot of fun to do in a group as the resin hardens so more cost effective.

Finishing this block, I added another button cluster with a seahorse charm.  Note my handkerchief – I added heart shaped brads to the lace edge.  This particular hanky has some lovely embroidery

What does the entire block look like?


Sadly, if you look closely you can see a couple of burn marks from my iron. So, I will end up adding a little something on top of these to “hide” them!

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