I have no doubt some of you cringe at the thought of spiders.  Today, let’s talk about spider embellishments in CQ.

I knew I wanted to add a spider to this area and naturally a spider needs a web.  I’ve stitched webs before but I felt this section needed a little more pizzazz.  While the base fabric is a shiny cotton it simply needed a bit more.

Let’s talk about Angelina.  No, not Angelina Jolie!

Angelina is a very fine unique fiber.  The fibers are fused together using a heat source such as your iron to form a luminescent, web-like material.  I start with a small piece of parchment paper folded.  I lay the Angelina in the center – a little goes a long way.  The paper is then folded over and apply heat with your iron.  It fuses creating a soft web as shown above.  I used to use it in fiber art and many spinners use it as well.

You will see the Angelina above under the web which was stitched with a fine metallic thread.  The spider was sewn in place after.  I picked up the spider from Susan Clarke Originals.

Hope you will experiment with some Angelina.

Since I have reviewed almost all of this block in previous posts, here is the entire block. 

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