This is the third tree in my ongoing O Christmas Tree series of CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. An elongated triangle today.  Dominique drew the triangle free hand on 18 count white mono canvas.  She then simply started randomly stitching with any lengths she had in her stash.  She used all Colour Complements threads.

How fun is this!  Talk about easy. 

She finished off with some braiding and a loop of Kreinik braid for the hanger.

As I wrote this article, I started thinking about Christmas trees.  There used to be a time we saw a lot of small tree lots pop up on street corners or parking lots in the early part of December.  I know, I am dating myself!  I see far fewer these days although there are still some.  Most trees appear to be sold by big box stores or nurseries now. 

For many years we lived in an area where live trees could be cut down by members of the Lion’s club in their local “lot”.  I use the term “lot” loosely as it was an area under the hydro lines the club planted and tended then sold as a fund raiser annually.  Access was via a gravel road and the lot was only open for three weekends in December.  We would make it a family outing.  Of course, most of the time it was raining.  Rain is our west coast version of snow for the most part.

We used to always pick out any fir that looked good and would work in the space.  These days we try to get an uncultured Noble Fir.  Unfortunately, these are becoming more challenging to find.

Why a Noble Fir?

Well, I have rather a large collection of ornaments, many of which are BIG ornaments.  I like to see them and generally the uncultured trees have more space between the branches.  The branches are stiff enough to hold heavy ornaments and flat enough to hang strings of lights.  An added bonus is they are quite fragrant so the house smells wonderful (along with the baking).  AND, they seem to last well too.  Last year the tree was up for a month during which time no needles dropped!   

So, whatever tree you have, enjoy decorating it.  Hopefully it will include one of your mini stitched trees. 

More trees to come…. Need more inspiration – check out my Pinterest Christmas Needlework Board

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