My What a Hoot series began as an idea last year. 

For years I’ve admired painted canvas designs, particularly the series or clubs I see advertised by designers through needlework shops.  BUT, I have rarely seen similar series in charted canvas designs.  Yes, some but not a lot! 

Late last year one of my customers, Kam Wenzloff had her Rainbow Ribbons design published in Needlepoint Now.  Although Kam and I had corresponded a wee bit prior to publication, I really had no idea of her background until I read the article.  Kam has worked in the needlework industry for over 45 years.  She owned and managed a retail shop, taught classes, designs both painted and charted designs and created an embellishment business selling her designs. These days she mostly designs for herself while enjoying being a grandma!

Once I completed reading the article, I sent Kam an email asking if she may be interested in creating a series of charted canvas designs for Colour Complements.  Lucky for me she liked the idea!  From there we started corresponding and chatting on the phone, discussing various ideas, options etc.  Over the course of several weeks we came up with What A Hoot.   

I know you are asking, what the heck is WHAT A HOOT?

What a hoot is a series of six owls.  Why owls – I’ve always been quite fascinated with owls.  In fact, my desktop screensaver is an owl!  Totally a coincidence that I really didn’t think much about until I came up with the owl idea. 

  • Each owl is a different design celebrating bold and vibrant colours
  • Each measures about 4 to 4 1/2 inches size finished – tiny beauties!
  • All six are charted designs
  • Exclusive to Colour Complements

I will be introducing one each month from April through September.  Each owl kit includes the PDF pattern, threads, eyes and beak.  

How does it work?

Each owl will be announced in my newsletter at the beginning of the month.  Kits will be available for purchase and a link will be provided.  Remember, each owl is a different design and they are sold as a kit. 

The patterns will not be sold separately at this time. 

All you grandma’s – I think all six would make a great mobile for a nursery!

Kam has done an incredible job designing these beauties.  Far better than I ever anticipated!  I am so excited, I can hardly wait to introduce you to “Fleur”!

Did I mention, YES, they each have names! 

Well, that’s a story for another post!

What A Hoot is coming Friday so stay tuned….

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