MY WAY, overdyed perle cottonsFor those of you who may have missed yesterday’s post, MY WAY is a counted canvas pattern created by Carolyn Mitchell.  Carolyn originally designed and taught the class as a round robin.  The intent of the course was to offer students an opportunity to alter the appearance of an original project using personal choices and decisions and yes, colours!

This is Square “B” of MY WAY.  The overdye I chose was colour #8, a blend of turquoise/aqua, lavender and green.  I started with some 18 count mono canvas I had in my stash and painted this with a light wash of turquoise/aqua. Once dry I started stitching in the center and worked my way out.  I always find the most difficult decision to make is what colour to start with – I chose a medium value purple for the basketweave center.  The crescents are stitched with a light value turquoise/aqua which is repeated in the border.  I used a medium value turquoise/aqua  for the cross stitch area.  Two values of green are used to border the small squares within the pattern and this is repeated with several other stitches in the design.  The bargello areas are stitched with four values of lavender/purple.  I dyed up some 1/16″ Kreinink ribbon and some Kreinik #8 braid and used both in a couple of areas.  The overdye is used in the eyelet stitches in the border and repeated in the smyrna border.  I love how this turned out – what do you think? Another one tomorrow….

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