As the name of this blog illustrates, today’s stitch sample was created using the Plum Sparkle pattern.

With a name like Plum Sparkle, you would think I would use plums/purples/pinks BUT no, I opted for Colour #76 in my new fall collection.

There always seems to be at least one colour combination that comes about a bit by “accident” and Colour #76 is it in this collection. I say accident, as it was not specifically planned. Since I had already used blue in Colour #74, I knew I wanted to repeat blue but opted to replace the orange with a golden yellow. As a result, colour #76 is a combination of a darker blue, medium blue, golden yellow and of course what do you get when you combine blue and yellow – GREEN!

I chose “Plum Sparkle” as the inspiration for this pattern. This is one of three patterns featured in the current issue of Needlepoint Now titled Courtly Checks.  Since the design is a sampler, it provided me opportunities for choices of threads and colours.

What colours do you need to stitch the Plum Sparkle pattern?

I opted to stitch the border with 4 strands of floss and two different colours, #28 and #37. 

When I complete a project, I always like to do a critique if I were to stitch it again. In this situation I think I may choose to use colour #28 on the outer border versus the inner border as to my eye, it would frame the design. Secondly, I think the #37 (yellow/orange) would look better on the inner border so the #76 Gobelin would stand out a bit more.  BUT, this is always a matter of preference.

Make sure you pick up your copy of Needlepoint Now where you will find all the designs I am featuring for my fall collection samples.  Remember, have fun stitching and visit next week for more samples! 

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