It’s not always easy to figure out the title of my blog posts but I chose, cross my heart for this particular needlepoint design!

By looking at the design itself, it’s quite easy to understand why!

Here’s How The Cross My Heart Needlepoint Design Was Made

This particular design was the result of what can occur when you draw from different inspiration.

Dominique opted to select various “parts” of different patterns – whatever she had in her stash of magazines and combined them to create a new and unique design. Most of the colours used were solids with the exception Colour #191 –a blend of colours seen in wheat which is shown in floss in the sprat’s head stitches. She started with an off-centre cross using an aqua shade of floss then added woven cross stitch in two shades of grey.

After the cross was complete, she simply started adding rows to each of the four sections created. Although the overall design may look rather intricate, in reality achieving this pattern simply requires repetitive stitching, so it’s quite easy to achieve.

I can’t quite make it out but she has used either 3 or 4 strands of floss for all of the stitching. 

I am particularly fond of this colour scheme. This combination offers a twist on a traditional complementary scheme of blue and orange substituting aqua for the blue which really brightens up the entire design. I also love the addition of grey to create a neutral and subtle contrast from the brighter colour scheme.

Just goes to show what you can create with simple stitches and colour!

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