Late last year, my friend Susan and I chose various versatile colour combinations for this year. When doing so, we wanted to showcase “different” palettes than what might seem obvious choices.  The palette shown above is one of those. Choosing a unique and non-traditional palette can be a refreshing way to breathe creativity into your projects. 

We started with one of my very popular colours, Colour #120. Susan and I both tend to use this a lot in our own stitching because it works very well with aqua/turquoise palettes, a favourite for both of us.

Colour #120 is a gorgeous blend of brilliant green, blue and purple. There are hints of teal blue/green where the green and blue blend making any aqua/teal/turquoise colours excellent choices for creating a palette. What makes it truly versatile is the subtle hints of teal blue and green that emerge when green and blue seamlessly blend. This unique feature makes any aqua, teal, or turquoise colour a perfect companion for crafting a stunning palette. To add a bit of unconventional drama to the combination, we opted for something a bit different by adding Colour #80, a lime green, yellow and orange blend. Once again, we do this to give you an idea of a somewhat different palette. Our thought is that it is always good to experiment with colour!

The last colour combination we chose is Colour #81. This shade is a harmonious blend of lime green and aqua. This colour’s lime green and aqua elements harmonize beautifully, making it a perfect addition to your palette when you wish to infuse drama into your overall palette.

What Colours Could You Add

Want to expand your palette for a larger project? Here are some colour inspirations that would pair well with Colour #120.

Earthy Neutrals: Consider adding earthy neutrals to balance a very colourful palette. These hues can serve as background colours or help create striking contrasts with your main colours.

Rich Jewel Tones: Consider incorporating deep jewel tones to add depth and richness. These colours can create a stunning focal point in your project.

Subtle Pastels: For a softer and more delicate touch, pastel shades like the one we chose for our colour palette. These colours work well for creating gentle transitions and delicate accents.

Metallic Accents: A touch of metallic gold or silver can add extra pop to your overall colour palette. These accents can be used for highlights and embellishments.

Experimenting with a versatile colour combination like the one we’ve shared can lead to truly unique creations.

The palette you choose is like your artistic playground, with countless possibilities to combine colours. Don’t be afraid to take risks, mix and match, and let your creativity flow. The beauty of stitching lies in the endless stitch and COLOUR combinations you can create.

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