We’ve been exploring a complementary gold colour palette. You may have seen some of these colours from last year’s post, where we featured a palette focusing on Colour #76 in our Colour Complements collection.

Today, we would like to showcase another palette.

Colour #76 blends dark and medium blue, golden yellow and green values. I originally dyed this colour combination as one of four colours from my fall 2021 collection. It came about accidentally when I started experimenting with different blues and opted to add golden yellow versus orange, which I had added to some of the other new colours in the collection. Naturally, when the blues combine with the golden yellow resulting in green.

Our palette today includes five different colour combinations:

We’ve included Colour #67, which is a bold yellow blend. Colour #77 blends muted orange, golden yellow and golden brown. Colour #162 is a more pastel blend of blues and greens, and finally, Colour #175 is a blend of various values of blues.

Gold’s rich, warm tone pairs perfectly with the cool, calming shades of blue, creating a stunning colour palette. I’d also recommend adding shades of teal and green to your gold and blue palette for a more dynamic look. The earthy green tones and the striking teal hue add depth and complexity to the combination, making it perfect for a range of projects.

We will share a needlepoint sample featuring this palette later in the month, so stay tuned.

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