Check out this palette featuring tropical colour inspiration! When my stitch group and I discussed palettes last year, I discussed how to develop palettes using Colour #188. Earlier this month, I mentioned several stitched samples coming up featuring this colour and today I’d like to share a slightly different palette.  

This month’s tropical colour inspiration palette includes three colours:

Colour #80 will be very different and may not be your first choice. We chose this because it adds a lighter value of orange. Colour 188 has hints of orange and lime green, which should add a pop. 


Our second palette features a more traditional autumn palette. We swapped out the bright canary yellow with a different blend of warm colours and added a deeper green shade to accentuate some neutral shades found in Colour #188. There is still a hint of warmth with Colour #37, but as you can see, the hue is much softer with the green:

Colour #18 is the most popular colour I sell, a gorgeous blend of greens.  Colour #37 is a blend of golden yellow and orange.  Both are clear choices to combine with Colour #188.

Again, you can see how different the palette changes when swapping out different colours. Don’t be afraid to experiment and give it a try! 

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