Last week, we had the pleasure of showcasing a delightful palette featuring one of the most popular colour combinations in my collection, Colour #120.

With that in mind, our stitched needlepoint sample puts this colour on full display! Colour #120, with its captivating blend of brilliant green, blue, and regal purple, remains a crowd-pleaser for all my customers.  And for good reason! It’s a combination I introduced many years ago, and its popularity has endured through the years.  The shades complement each other well while remaining versatile enough to be paired with other colours in the collection!

As most of you know by now, I like to showcase my thread colours in various patterns designed by the many talented designers in our industry.  Laura Perin offers a variety of patterns, both complimentary on her blog and for purchase on her website.  Today, we are featuring one of her complimentary PDF pattern which you can find on her blog.

The original pattern, charmingly shaped like an egg, caught our eye. However, we decided to explore the versatility of this pattern by stitching the central section and adding our creative twist – transforming it into a square rather than adhering to the egg shape. This square-shaped gem measures a neat 2 ½ inches on each side and is stitched on 18-count mono canvas. The beauty of this design is its adaptability; if you desire a larger piece, you can effortlessly expand it by adding additional borders.

Here are the colours we used to create this design.

We started by stitching the center section of the design but then added the borders we wished.  Our border is a diagonal stitch alternating with Colours #80 and #120.  It is divided and bordered with slanted gobelin using colour #120. 

By stitching the central design and customizing the borders to your liking, you breathe new life into the design making it your own. This vivid interplay of colours showcases the timeless appeal of Colour #120 and highlights the limitless creativity that can be achieved within the world of stitching.

We hope this journey inspires you to explore the endless possibilities of your favourite colour combinations.

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