When I showcase needlepoint stitch samplers, it is always fun to see what results when one uses “scraps” available in your stash.  Dominique did just that for this one!

Our final Straight Stitches Sampler features a completely different palette of colours. Though this may be a palette that not everyone will like, I’m sure you’d agree that it still looks fun to stitch!

How to create a Stitch Sampler using Scraps

For this post, it’s hard to outline all of the specific colours as the threads that were used were “scraps”, bits leftover from various projects.

You will see Colour #18 (greens) in the sample but this is the only colour used from the original three I’ve showcased in our previous samples. The only other colour that might look familiar is Colour #14

Otherwise, all are different! 

I hope you have enjoyed the variations this month of our straight stitches sampler.  Remember, the pattern is available complimentary on the ANG website

If you have just stopped by, the Colour Complements mini needlepoint sampler series was inspired by Marilyn Owen who provided several designs for the American Needlepoint Guild program “holed up minis”.  If you are not familiar with this program, small projects are introduced on the ANG website. The best part is that these resources are complimentary to all.

Throughout the year we featured a mini-sampler each month.  You can find all the previous samplers in the right sidebar under categories – mini samplers

There are TWELVE of them!!!

Patterns were provided complimentary OR a link was provided where to find the pattern. 

Thank you so very much Marilyn for inspiring us and thank you to Dominique for stitching this month’s samples. 

That’s it for our mini-sampler series this year.  Onto something new for next year!!

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