It’s always fun to stitch a pattern featuring a bold, vibrant and colourful palette.  So excited to share this beautiful pattern designed by Canadian designer, Freda Murfin.

The pattern, fittingly named “Colour Me Brilliant” is the result of our collaboration to create a beautiful design pushing the rules of colour theory.  The project features an assortment of different stitches, resulting in a design filled with textures and colour. 

How Freda Murfin & I Collaborated On This Colourful Palette

Every design has a life of its own and Colour Me Brilliant was no exception.  It took some time to choose the colours we wanted to use but once completed Freda got busy with a design.  As with any needlework design, it evolves and transforms as you start stitching. 

During our initial discussions I expressed my fondness for black and white in designs.  Freda thought about this and came back with an option featuring 16 alternating black and white squares.  Once colours and stitches were added, she felt the white squares did not showcase the colours as well as the black so the white was eliminated and replaced with black.  The black provided a beautiful background contrasting well with the bold colour palette. 

A Closer Look At Colour Me Brilliant

Colour Me Brilliant is just that, a selection of colours that are brilliant! The palette is bold and showcases Colour #44, my very popular rainbow blend.  The design is stitched on 18-count canvas with a selection of six variegated blends of size 5 perle cotton. We’ve added black and of course a metallic for a little glitz!  The thread kit includes all the threads required to complete the project. 

The pattern is available in Freda’s shop, Freda’s Fancy Stitching, and the custom thread kit is available  in the Colour Complements shop. The overall design measures a approximately 7 ¾ inches. It would make a gorgeous insert in a box, framed or perhaps create a tote.

We hope you love Colour Me Brilliant as much as Freda and I do.  Thank you Freda for this beautiful design and thank you for the photos Lisa. 

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