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This month’s needlepoint bargello sample features a selection of fall colours, specifically brown to create this brown bargello stitch sample. I used to think brown was dull!  Why would you want to use brown other than for trees or branches in a painted canvas?!

Well, I’ve changed my tune through the years and find that incorporating brown in a palette can look very beautiful. It’s a beautiful neutral colour and when you combine it cleverly with other colours, the results can be absolutely stunning.

Today we are showcasing brown in a peaks stitch. I thought the stitch is aptly named given the peaks and valleys. 

What Colours Did We Use For This Brown Bargello Stitch Sample

The sample above measures about 3 ½ x 3 inches on an 18-count mono canvas. We have opted to use the following colours:

The pattern can be found in the Bargello Stitch book by Laura and Lynsey Angell. I suspect you can also find it online if you google either flame or Florentine stitch.

If you are new to the series, each month we feature one Bargello sample using a particular colour theme as inspiration. Hopefully, you will find these samples offer inspiration to perhaps stitch some Bargello OR inspire a new colour combination for your next needlework project.

New to bargello? It is a type of needlepoint consisting of upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. While flat stitches are basic and easy, the technique does require concentration when counting.

Remember, while we showcase samples in the series, you may stitch a project any size you wish. I could envision this particular pattern in either a chair seat cover or perhaps, pillow.

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