Are you familiar with Needlepoint Nation?

Needlepoint Nation is the first and original needlepoint group.  It is a group of needlepoint addicts, over 15,000 to date who hang out on FB posting a variety of well needlepoint projects!  The group was created by Jane Wood of Chilly Hollow Needlepoint in 2011 and has grown significantly since.

Jane describes the group, “for the purposes of Needlepoint Nation, needlepoint is stitched on a starched open-grid evenweave fabric ground, such as needlepoint canvas (mono or interlock), Penelope, congress cloth, or rug canvas, plus silk gauze, and can be needlepoint on painted canvas; traméd canvas; printed, stamped or gicléed canvas; gros point, petit point, Bargello; counted and charted canvaswork; and all techniques and free-form designs worked on a needlepoint ground, as defined above.

I’ve been a member of the group for a number of years and visit at least once daily to check out the various projects that are posted.  Early in August, one of my customers Kathy posted about Tilemania which is a great design by Needle Delights. 

Kathy posted the following story.  I needed “wall art” to go with a summer quilt I made for our guest room.  Crazy, wild colours and really hadn’t found anything suited to us.  I was already hooked on NeedleDelights counted patterns as I’ve done a few.  My needlepoint shop owner showed me Tilemania which interested me but I needed to find a “boss” thread to pull it together.  I began looking around and found the PERFECT hand-dyed perle cotton at Colour Complements and the rest is history. 


Colour #32 is a popular blend of blue, orange and green.  The photo above shows Tilemania and you will see the quilt and canvas below.  Kathy also mentioned she used a wee bit of Colour #37 as well.    

Don’t you think they are PERFECT together!?

I do.  Thanks for sharing Kathy.

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