Using colour can be a powerful tool to evoke emotion or personality in any artistic creation. In today’s needlepoint leaf, we’re using a very playful colour palette focusing on Colour #137. This is a playful and fun colour that gives a whimsical dimension to any pattern.

When I think of Colour #137, I think of the visual feast of holiday displays that you can see in shops and department stores. Amidst the traditional reds and greens, a vivacious hue caught my imagination, which was the inspiration behind Color #137. It radiated a cheerful energy, reminiscent of laughter and playfulness.

This shade has since become synonymous with a joyful spirit, making it an excellent choice for needlepoint ornaments. Imagine adorning your Christmas tree with vibrant, eye-catching creations that embody the season!

Don’t feel compelled to use this colour solely during the holidays. In this case, we’re using it as one of the primary focal colours in our leaf card series.

Using this playful palette in this project

Let’s start with the background. It is stitched with a size 12 perle cotton in Colour 23. The leaf is stitched in a rice stitch with Colour #137. We created a complementary palette by using Colour #80 to create some contrast (this was stitched using 3 strands of floss). Some cross-stitch was interspersed in the background to create more fullness to the overall look.

If you are looking to add a bit more dimension to the final product, why not add different threads like rayon, silk or metallics to give it some extra texture?

Just as this title suggests, this playful palette gives you so much room to experiment and have fun. Don’t be afraid to play!

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