NEEDLEPOINT, hand dyed embroidery threads A NEEDLEPOINT stitch sample today showcasing Colour #110.

When I introduced my summer collection in mid June, I mentioned that the canvas satellite group of the Embroidery Guild of Victoria chose one pattern to showcase different colour combinations in the collection.  The pattern chosen is one of Freda Murfin’s “Tidbits” available on her website, Freda’s Fancy Stitching HERE.  “Tidbits” are nine small patterns measuring a little under 3 ½” square on 18 count canvas.  These would be great combined in a group or individually as ornaments.  This particular pattern is from Tidbits #2.

Colour #110 was originally dyed several years ago and has proven quite a popular colour combination.  It is a blend of aquamarine, soft yellow and blues with hints of green.  Marie, one of the members of the group has stitched this sample.  Colour #110 is seen as part of the center background and repeated in the outer perimeter (name of stitch).  You will see Colour #45 in the center and border of the square.  This is part of my new Summer Collection and a lovely dark blend of aquamarine, purple and olive green.  Marie has chosen to add some solid blue values and a yellow value of perle cotton.  You could use my Teal Trio as a substitute for the blues.

Colour #45 – Size 5 perle cotton
Teal Blue Trio
Size 5 perle cotton in yellow

Thank you Marie – it looks great!

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