Last week we discussed how Colour #76 combines warm tones of yellow with cooler shades of blue and green – it’s a beautiful tropical-inspired colour combination.

Today, we’re demonstrating how utilizing additional, complementary colours can create a beautiful pattern for your next needlepoint project.

Our sample is small, measuring a little under 2 inches square, stitched on 18-count mono canvas. While most of the samples we share on the blog are stitched on white canvas, you could use any colour you choose. I think blue, green or yellow could work well if you experimented with some open stitches.

How we created this tropical colour combination for this palette

When selecting this palette, we focused on combining warm tones of yellows and yellow/orange with the cooler blends of blues and greens seen in colour #76. We also added a metallic flat ribbon because I love adding a little bit of bling to all my samples!

Over the last few months, my stitch group has been working on the Layers of Leaves project using various stitches of our own choice and some borrowed from the published project. The Ashley stitch was one of the stitches used which we have repeated in this sample. There is no specific pattern, just a variety of stitches including

  • Ashley stitch Colour #76
  • Diagonal Hungarian Colour #37
  • Smyrna cross Colour #162

I hope we’ve demonstrated using Colour #76 in a pleasing palette.

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