Among the array of thread kits in our online store, the Embroidery Sampler Thread Kit #2 stands out with its unique sunburst-inspired collection. This kit is a vibrant blend of colours, including the striking Colour #188, and other carefully curated blends of green, blue, red, and yellow, all reminiscent of a sunburst.

This palette has stood the test of time, as it has been part of our collection since 2015.  When I first created this blend, I envisioned it as the perfect accompaniment to my Starry Nights project, inspired by Laura Perin’s captivating pattern. This pattern is found on her website or at your local needlework shop. I share the inspiration behind my Starry Nights journey in another previous blog post.

The threads and colours in the Embroidery Sampler Thread Kit #2 are not just vibrant, but also versatile. They can bring the same energy and vibrancy of a sunburst to a variety of projects. Whether you’re stitching a delicate flower or capturing the essence of a landscape, these colours provide a perfect canvas for your imagination to flourish.

What threads are included in Embroidery Sampler Thread Kit #2

  • 1 skein of size 5 pearl cotton, colour #188
  • 1 skein of size 5 pearl cotton, colour #37 – orange/yellow
  • 1 skein of size 8 pearl cotton, green blend
  • 1 skein of 6 strand cotton floss, colour – orange/yellow
  • 1 skein of rayon metallic, colour #188
  • 1 skein of silk perle, colour #37

My mission with these sampler thread kits is to simplify the process of thread selection for your projects, allowing you to focus on both the creative and technical aspects of stitching. Each kit includes enough threads for small projects, or you can use it as a foundation palette, adding additional threads to expand the palette for a larger project.

Whether you’re working on a small-scale piece or embarking on larger stitching projects, these kits provide a versatile palette to bring your creative vision to life.

If you would like inspiration, check out our  12 Months of Mitten Series. There is a search magnification glass icon at the top right of the website—enter colour #188, and all kinds of ideas will pop up.

Try our Embroidery Sampler Thread Kit #2 for your next needlework project.

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