Introducing our new summer stitch sampler, Summer Sorbet! 

I have been interested in designing for some time now and the mini sampler series has provided both inspiration and an opportunity to start experimenting. I have a long way to go but I am excited to introduce my first original Colour Complements design. The design was inspired by a sample Dominique had stitched some time ago so thank you Dominique! 

I’m unsure if you are aware but my customers introduced me to needlepoint and specifically charted canvas designs. I started handwork, something I never thought I would do when I became interested in crazy quilting more than fifteen years ago now. 

About three years into my business customers started sending me questions along with project photos of various painted and charted canvas projects.  The charted projects sparked my interest so I started experimenting.  Well, one thing led to another and here I am loving needlepoint. I especially enjoy playing with stitches and of course COLOUR! 

How To Stitch Summer Sorbet

Shortly after introducing my spring collection earlier this year, I decided to experiment with the colours in the collection to create an original design.  Summer Sorbet is the result.

I chose all four colours featured in the collection and added a fifth colour, #66 which is a bold blend of orange to frame the design.  While these colours were my “spring” collection I feel they offer many opportunities for a summer palette.

The mini sampler measures 3 inches on 18-count white mono canvas. I have attempted to keep the stitches fairly simple so this is ideal for those of you who are perhaps new to charted canvas needlepoint. The entire sampler is stitched with size 5 Perle cotton but you could easily substitute cotton floss if this is your preference. 

It took me some time but I’ve been learning how to chart my own designs. The PDF includes a charted diagram along with individual stitch diagrams which I hope will be helpful in stitching your own summer sorbet mini sampler!  Remember, the pattern is offered as a complimentary download below.

I hope you enjoy Summer Sorbet! 

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