One of my latest series of posts have been highlighting the use of needlepoint to create cards, with many of them using a leaf-inspired pattern. I love using this particular pattern as it provides a “blank canvas” for creativity and allows you to play around with different stitching techniques to create a unique design.

This particular design is also a fantastic choice if you participated in the Layers Of Leaves project, which I know many of you took part in last year.

The last two posts used very autumn-inspired colours, reminiscent of what you would see in nature when the leaves start turning in the fall.  This time, we’re having fun with a different colour choice, using natural colours to create our design.

Embracing unconventional colours like dark blue adds a captivating twist to the traditional green palette, infusing the artwork with an unexpected allure. This bold choice creates a striking contrast, creating a sense of drama and depth within the motif. You can breathe fresh life into your needlepoint creations by going against the grain and exploring new colour combinations!

Colours Used To Create This Leaf-Inspired Needlepoint Design

In this leaf design, we used the following colours:

The olive-blue colour combination of Colour #47 adds that hint of nature, while Colour #76 creates that touch of whimsy and fun. The combination cool and warm colours blend together wonderfully.

The background is a mosaic stitch using cream floss. This allows the chosen colours to “pop” from the canvas, adding depth to the overall pattern. Metallic stripes are couched over this. 

The leaf is stitched using an Ashley stitch technique. We added a leaf stem, using Colour #47 in size 5 Perle.

Overall, it created a fun, eye-catching design that’s a little more abstract than the ones we’ve created  before.

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