A gold contrasting colour palette is an excellent choice if you envision something with glitz, glam and boldness!

Combining gold, yellow, navy blue, and lime green makes this colour scheme perfect for that added glamour to your needlepoint project.

Gold and yellow are warm and inviting colours that create a sense of opulence and wealth. These shades work beautifully as the base colour for your design, especially when paired with navy blue and lime green accents. Navy blue is a classic colour that adds depth and richness to the palette, while lime green provides a fresh and lively contrast.

When using this colour scheme, I recommend incorporating metallic gold threads or beads to add a touch of shimmer and sparkle to your needlepoint piece. This will create a stunning effect that catches the light and draws the eye.

Another way to incorporate this palette into your needlepoint is using different textures and finishes. Perhaps use a matte navy blue thread for the background and a shiny gold thread for the accents. This will create a subtle yet striking contrast that adds interest and dimension to your design.

Here’s the contrasting gold palette we used on this project

Measures 2 ½ inches on 18-count mono canvas. There is no pattern as the sample was randomly stitched, experimenting with various stitches including Smyrna cross, diagonal herringbone, diagonal mosaic and slanted gobelin.

If you are new to needlepoint, this sample will make an easy beginner project. All the stitches used are basic needlepoint stitches. And while this sample is small, remember you can use the same colours in a larger project if you wish.

I frequently like to use cross stitches in my stitching. This sample includes the Smyrna cross, a simple, dense, textured stitch that is a beautiful stitch for small samples. If you choose a size 5 perle cotton, the stitch will appear very dense on 18 count canvas. A size 8 may be a better choice.

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