Embroidered circles are the secret ingredient for adding a touch of fun and playfulness to your wool appliqué projects. With this technique, you can infuse your designs with colour and creativity. It may seem like a relatively basic pattern, but as you can see, it creates some movement and dimension to what could have been a simple wool applique design.

Believe it or not, wool appliqué is the perfect project to showcase the technique of using embroidered circles. The softness and texture of the wool fabric add depth and dimension, inviting people to enjoy both the look and feel of your project.

In this design, we are using a bold and cheerful colour palette!  The colour scheme reminds me of summer, enjoying kool-aide and watermelon – remember those days?

How Was This Wool Applique Flower Stitched

Kathleen started by die-cutting a 2 ½ inch wool flower.  She bordered it with a stem stitch in size eight perle cotton.  Small washers were stitched with a buttonhole stitch using size eight perle cotton with colonial knots added in the center with a size five perle cotton in Colour 61.  The center of the flower is a larger washer stitched again with a buttonhole stitch in size five perle cotton.  Drizzle stitches were added with a size five perle in Colour 61 and accented with a bead.

While several of the colours used in this flower have since been discontinued, there are a variety of substitutes.  A few options would be

Keep your eyes peeled as we highlight another wool applique project in our next post!  Thanks so much Kathleen.

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