JEWEL BOX, needlepointMy third JEWEL BOX diamond.  As I posted previously, this is part of Laura Perin’s “Jewel Box” pattern available either through Laura’s site HERE or through your local needlework shop.  The entire pattern measures 10×10 on 18 count canvas.  Each of my diamonds measure approximately 3” in diameter and these make up the center of Laura’s pattern.

It is all about pink for this one with hints of purple.  I chose Colour #41 as my focus colour which is a fabulous blend of various values of medium to light pink.  I will mention before I continue that I did modify the pattern by changing the outer ribbon blocks to larger Rhodes stitches.  I added Colour #166 in a size 5 perle which is a very popular blend of purples and fuchsia.  I opted to include my Boysenberry Trio and for hints of sparkle, Kreinik Ribbon Colour #7. JEWEL BOX, needlepoint

Colour #41 Size 5 Perle Cotton

Colour #166 Size 5 Perle Cotton

Boysenberry Trio Size 5 Perle Cotton

Kreinik Ribbon #7

You could easily rotate the two variegated colour combinations depending on the look you want to achieve.  I will return to blogging on Wednesday February 21st with the last of my JEWEL BOX diamonds.

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