Our previous wool applique circle featured softer and more subtle colours. We’re not holding back this time around! The spring wool applique circle that we’re featuring today is bursting with bright and vibrant colours. As the season is starting to change, we felt it was fitting to showcase this one to remind you of spring.

The spring themed wool applique circle sampler that we have created was inspired by the Toned-Down Circle Sampler.  Just as the name suggests, the sampler used subtle and muted colours to create beautiful, nature-inspired patterns.

Kathleen drew inspiration from Sue’s sampler designing and stitching her own original sampler with a selection of circles using brighter colours from the Colour Complements collections.

The spring wool applique that you see here incorporates a variety of needlework stitching techniques that give this particular circle a look that is more reminiscent of the sun. Here is a great resource that you can draw from if you are creating your own circle samplers!

Here are more details about this bright Spring applique

The background circle (1 ¾ inch diamaeter) is a pale yellow wool embellished with long tailed fly stitch using Colour #72.  The outer border fly stitches are laced with Colour #30 which is repeated in the detached chain stitches.  The center is a 1 inch darker pink wool circle overlayed with a whipped woven circle (on the tail of the fly) using Colour #67 and this colour is repeated in the bullion stitches. To keep the design uniform, Kathleen used size 5 Perle cotton for the entire circle.

If you are looking to create some spring applique circles, here are more details:

  • The circle sampler measures 14 ½ inches wide by 18 inches long – a fat quarter works!
  • hand-dyed wool for the background which is pale yellow and a variety of colours for the circles
  • features Colour Complements Perle cottons
  • there are a total of 30 circles

We featured a variety of different colours, techniques and stitches in our previous circles.  I hope some of you have been inspired to start stitching your own sampler! If you do, feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see what you have created!   Thank you Kathleen.

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