This minimalist wool applique that we’re featuring today is a perfect example of less is more!

If you’ve been following our Circle Sampler Series on the blog, we’ve mentioned previously that there are varying sizes of circles and flowers.  Kathleen chose to do this to enhance her design.

This wool applique circle, in particular, is one of the smaller circles that is less embellished than many of the other samples that we’ve shared to date. However, the colour selection, stitching and embellishments really make up for the minimalist approach that was taken to create this design.

How we created this minimalist wool applique

The base was created using a 2-inch pale orange wool circle and was bordered with Hungarian braided chain using size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #191. The circle has been accented with rows of ric rac held in place with beads. Further straight stitches in size 8 Perle Colour #3 were added.

And that’s it! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. If this is the first time making wool applique, this should serve as an example that you don’t necessarily need to incorporate all the bells and whistles to create something amazing!

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