Today I am highlighting this beautiful soft coral floral circle.  This is another circle in our Circle Sampler Series showcasing different sizes and designs.  The project was inspired by Sue Spargo’s Toned Down Circle Sampler.  Drawing inspiration from Sue’s sampler, we have created own unique circle sampler!

Kathleen did a wonderful job choosing perfect complementary colours to create this soft coral wool applique flower.  From golden yellows to lime greens, the overall design possesses a beautiful balance of warm and neutral colours.

How was this soft coral floral circle made

Start by die cutting a 2.5 inch pale coral wool flower then border it with a chain stitch in Colour #3 in size 5 Perle cotton. The border is further laced with Colour #182 but you could substitute Colour #70 in size 8 Perle cotton to create more dimension around the edges.

Each of the petals is accented with pistil stitches in Colour #191 size 5 Perle cotton. Kathleen created some contrast between the warm tones of the flower petals with a lime green 1.25-inch wool centre. This was padded and bordered using a split stitch in Colour #55 size 5 Perle cotton. She added more texture, breaking up the solid green colour with some cross-hatching in Colour #55 size 5 Perle cotton. She blended the warm colours and neutral colours together with some cross-stitches on top of the cross-hatch.

Another beautiful way to work different colours into a stunning design. Stay tuned for more circles in our sampler coming soon!

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