In one of my previous posts, I talked about lace applique options, and today I’d like to focus on lace trims.

Lace trims come in a wide variety of widths and stunning patterns, one of which is shown in this section of my crazy quilt. When I began piecing this block, while not planned, I ended up with a section of seams very close to one another. Instead of stitching over these, I opted to select a wider width of lace trim which I hand-dyed in a gorgeous blend of fuchsia and blue to “hide” the seams.

The trim was tacked in place using a very fine beading thread, but you could use a fine machine thread in the colours of the trim. The points of the lace are embellished with a metallic thread. Each floral area is sequins with a bead in the center, and the top is embellished with detached chain stitches.

If you have followed me for some time, you will know I used to have an interest in mixed media. The charm in the center of the block above was created using a vintage photo glued onto a thin chipboard. I then applied resin and, once dry, punched a hole in the top and inked the edges. To complete this, I twisted the wire to create a hook at the top to tack this in place. This is an excellent technique to personalize your quilts with some family or vintage photos from your collection. The charms can range in size, but I prefer no greater than 1 ½ inches. I believe this one is about ¾ of an inch.

Lace trim appliques are available in many sewing stores, but I recommend Raviolee Dreams for hand-dyed laces. Nikki has a great selection of products, including mixed bags of laces and appliques. These are wonderful if you are new to CQ.

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