This month our feature Colour is #188, and to date, this is one of my favourite stitch samples! It is perfect for adding bold fall colour to your next project.

With its rich and vibrant hues, this thread will make a statement and bring your creations to life. Whether embroidering a cozy sweater or adding accents to a festive tablecloth, Colour #188 is a versatile and eye-catching choice. If you’re looking to move away from dull and muted colours for your next project, this is it.

It simply makes me happy, a bounty of colour celebrating the upcoming fall season!

Needlepoint stitched on 18-count mono canvas measuring 2 ½ inches.

There is no published pattern, as this was stitched randomly. As you can see, even when we use a free-stitching technique, the pattern of the project is beautiful! In fact, we used a variety of stitches for this particular project.

The center of the waffle is stitched with Colour #80 floss surrounded with Colour #188 in a size 5 Perle cotton. The corners are filled in with colour 80 flosses.  The scotch stitches are Colour #75 in a size 5 perle cotton. We use a size 5 perle cotton in lime green for the oblong cross stitches. Oblong cross stitches. The frame of woven cross stitch is completed using colour 80 flosses, and slanted gobelin borders are stitched alternating with Colour #188 and Colour# 75, both in size 5 perle cotton.

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