Welcome Theros in my What A Hoot series.

What a Hoot is my new series, a collection of SIX owls!  Each owl will be introduced in my newsletter sent out early in the month through September.

Some of you may be wondering where the name Theros came from.  Well, Kam thought of this.  It means summer in Greek.  We both felt that this particular palette of colours screamed summer!

Once again, the colours are BOLD.  The focus colour in this palette is Colour #3 which is a blend of green, coral/orange and pink. Here is a photo of the kit threads


The kit contents include the pattern (PDF), eyes, beak and all custom dyed threads to complete Theros.  AND whatever threads are remaining once you complete her could be used on the backside creating a double-sided owl (hint – mobile ready)!  Each owl measures about 4 inches square – they are small! 

Please note that there will not be enough threads provided in the kit to finish the entire backside, but certainly a good portion of it.  You can always substitute existing threads or buy additional colours through my shop to complete the backside to your liking. 

Each kit contains an additional skein of thread to create the braid that outlines Theros for finishing purposes.

If you recall, Kam has designed the series to become slightly more challenging with each owl.  This provides a good progression.  There are a variety of stitches in each design.   

We don’t think you will get bored!  I could envision all six as a mobile for an owl-themed nursery!

Kam and I hope you like Theros!

AND, remember next month I will be introducing a NEW owl!

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