Have you ever seen a contrasting colour blend like this? Today, we are highlighting Colour #76. You will likely see this featured in future blog posts, as it’s our colour feature for this month. I say it’s a contrasting blend of colours because of the dyes that I used to create it.

I combined the warm tone of yellow with the cooler shade of blue using green as the “buffer” colour to make the colour more seamless. I am surprised how this shade gets overlooked in the shop – I think it is underrated, so I hope by highlighting it this month, you can perhaps see how beautiful it is and how easy it is to use in projects!

The green in the blend is yellow/green, and the blues range in value from dark to medium. Because it uses a contrasting blend of colours, you could easily combine it with blues, and it blends particularly well with various yellows.

Creating A Palette With This Contrasting Colour Blend

I will be demonstrating several palettes throughout the month featuring Colour #76. As mentioned, the green has more of a warm tone, while the shades of blue vary from dark to medium. I always stretch the thread and lay my “focus” colour, which is Colour #76, on a white background.

This allows you to “see” the colours. In this case, I would recommend using different shades of yellow and green to complement the green that is found in the featured colour. Depending on your pattern, a few shades of blue and a hint of yellow can add more pop to the project. I always add a minimum of 3 values of each colour in solid Perle cotton. I may not use all the colours I choose, but I like to have a broad selection. Add textures and metallics, and you have a beautiful palette to work with.

This month we will be sharing several different palettes highlighting Colour #76, so make sure you visit the blog if you are not already signed up to follow.

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