This month we are featuring two samples of Scotch Stitch Samplers in our mini sampler series. 

The mini sampler series was introduced in January of this year featuring one sampler per month.

You can find all the previous samplers in the right sidebar under categories – mini samplers.

The Colour Complements mini needlepoint sampler series was inspired by the American Needlepoint Guild program “holed up minis”.  If you are not familiar with this program, small projects are offered on the ANG website. The best part is that these resources are complimentary to members and non-members.  Various designers offer these projects to keep stitchers focused on positive things during COVID-19. 

Here’s A Closer Look at Our Scotch Stitch Samplers

The first sample above demonstrates ONE stitch featuring only TWO different colours. Colour #23

is my “Easter” blend of blue, yellow and coral and Colour #67 is a gorgeous bold blend of yellows. A simple scotch stitch pattern is used throughout the sample.


The second sample is a Scotch Mosaic Stripe using three colours. Colour #175 is a lovely blend of variations of blue, Colour #67 bold yellows and Colour #72 a blend of variations of coral pink. 

Where can you find these stitches to create the Scotch Stitch Samplers?

Diagrams for both of these stitches can be found in Volume 5 of the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. 

  • Scotch Mosaic Stripe page 95
  • Scotch Pattern page 96

What colours do you need? One skein of size 5 Perle cotton in each of these colours

  • #23, #67, #72, #175

I have not provided sizes for these samples although both measure under 3 ½ inches.  They may be stitched any size you wish. 

Just a note that Colour #23 is currently out of stock, my apologies! You could substitute Colour #72

Thank you Marie! Stay tuned for another sampler next month.

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