Can you see the squares and crosses pattern in this heart?

There is no specific printed pattern for the heart shown today. The design starts with a central cross created with alternating Smyrna stitches in two different colours and threads. The grid for the small squares is created using a metallic braid which has been couched with a cross-stitch. The small squares are scotch stitch using either 2 or 3 strands of floss. A secondary pattern is created simply by the placement of colours.  

Colours Used To Create This Square & Cross Pattern

You can definitely use specific colours to achieve a similar square and cross pattern. But what I love about this particular design is that it’s also perfect for when you need to use up leftover bits of floss from previous projects.  I have shown a selection of floss colours used in the design above. These include the following:

I could easily see repeating this pattern in another project such as a Christmas ornament.  Simple enough for a beginner to tackle!

If you are interested in learning more about the Hearts For Hospice project you can learn more HERE.

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