I’ve always been inspired by the seasonal colour palettes we see in many store displays celebrating the upcoming holiday season. I suspect many of you will have already completed your Christmas stitching projects BUT it is never too early to make a start with next year’s projects.

Let’s talk about these seasonal colour palettes.

Last month, I introduced my Christmas Sampler in traditional reds and greens. Yes, I still have a few remaining which you can find HERE.

The photo above shows a collection of three colours that look beautiful combined AND celebrate the season. Colour #187 and is a brilliant blend of reds and orange-reds – ideal for holiday stitching. Colour #184 is a great blend of bright greens and finally, Colour #31 is a blend of bold green and red/pinks which I refer to as my “watermelon” blend!

While I decorate my Christmas tree in reds, greens and other colours, in recent years I’ve gravitated to other colour schemes with a collection of blue and copper decorations. This provides me with a great backdrop for a more woodland feel as my home has a neutral palette throughout of white, cream, blues and some greens, all soft tones. My friends are always surprised when they visit because I believe they anticipate I would have lots of colours since I work with colour. When I moved several years ago, I chose a neutral palette so I can switch things up with décor if I choose.

If you want to create a blue and copper palette what about trying Colour #175 and combining it with Colour #57 (browns). Add some copper metallic and voila!

Have we inspired you?

Remember, it’s never too early to start your Christmas stitching, even for NEXT YEAR!

Make sure you stay tuned as I have a variety of samples celebrating the season coming up on the blog this month.

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