How about a muted colour wool applique for a change?! If you’ve been following my blog, you may already be familiar with these small little projects that I feature from time to time.

Many of the circles featured in our wool applique Circle Sampler Series have bright and bold colour combinations. The muted palette of colours created for this wool applique was a refreshing change!

I personally love the colour pairing that was used. A mix of shades of both blue and yellow were used to create lots of dimension. The coolness of the blue blends beautifully with the wool background, while the soft yellow shades give it the right amount of “pop”.

Here are the colours we used to create this muted colour wool applique

Kathleen started by die cutting a 2-inch blue circle. She accented this with a long-tailed fly stitch in size 5 Perle cotton with Colour #29. Colonial knots were added with size 5 Perle in Colour #61 you can see this embellished right on the edge of the applique. The centre of the circle is a spider web using size 8 Perle cotton in Colour #61 this draws the eyes in. Detached chains were added in size 5 Colour #162 and were  tacked in place with straight stitches in size 5 Perle Colour #28.

The above sample is one of several smaller circles in the sampler.  On this occasion, Kathleen opted not to add stitching to the outer border of the circle. Sometimes less is more and this example demonstrates this perfectly!

Stay tuned for another circle in our circle sampler project. 

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