It’s been some time since I introduced a new colour combination, so here is one that can add a warm, nature-inspired touch to your needlepoint projects. You may have already used a brown-gold palette in your projects, but if you haven’t, surely it will become a mainstay in your collection of colour combinations!

I have wanted to dye a golden brown blend for some time as I felt it would coordinate well with various other colours I offer in the Colour Complements collection. I surprised myself when I started pulling colours I might like to combine to create a palette.

Colour #85 is a gorgeous blend of various values of golden brown. It can work well with many other colours in the Colour Complements collection or your existing stash. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a very subtle, yet versatile colour to add to your needlework.  I love how it can create a beautiful ombre effect, or blend seamlessly with other colours to create a harmonious and elegant design.

How To Use This Brown-Gold Palette In Your Needlework

Here are just some ideas for this brown gold palette:

This brown-gold palette is perfect for any fall-themed needlepoint project. Think beautiful branches and trees in painted canvases. It adds warmth to autumn-inspired patterns. It’s also a great blending colour that can unify different elements in your design.

Going with the theme of nature, this colour can also add to and create stunning natural landscapes. Use different shades of brown and gold to create a beautiful sunrise or sunset or to depict a forest or desert. The possibilities are endless, resulting in a breathtaking and unique design.

In the photo above I’ve shared a variety of colours which I feel would work well if you wished to create a palette.

The brown-gold palette is a fantastic choice for your needlework projects, offering both beauty and versatility. Whether you want to create stunning natural landscapes, add warmth and elegance to fall-themed designs, or blend with other colours to produce a harmonious and unique palette, this colour combination has got you covered. I encourage you to go ahead and explore this gorgeous colour to craft needlework designs that truly stand out!

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