Introducing my new spring collection for 2020!

My spring collection consists of three new colour combinations celebrating spring.

Deciding on a palette of colours is always challenging.  This was particularly true as I started dyeing these colours last fall when the leaves were turning and the weather changing.  Not necessarily inspiring for a spring palette.

Usually I find inspiration in something I have seen either when shopping or perhaps a floral arrangement or from nature.  BUT, this palette came from simply playing with colours. 

Colour #60 is a blend of a soft blue/green, pale yellow and pale tan.  I rarely include tan in my palettes so thought it was about time to do so.  Once I completed this colour combination, I wanted a colour that would blend but with a little contrast.  Colour #61 is a great blend of muted yellow and tan.  The third colour in my collection is Colour #62 which is a turquoise blue/grey combination.  Both colours #61 and 60 change depending on the light.

While all three colours complement one another beautifully, there are several colours in the shop that would blend/complement equally as well.  Colour #3 in silk perle would look beautiful with this palette.

  • Fall palette – colours #56, 57, 58 and 61 – stunning
  • Yellows/tans – colours #191, 29 and 61 – you could add colour #49 olive green
  • Blues/greens – colours #47, 49 and 62
  • Blues – colours #62, 14 and 28

As you can see, all three colours are quite versatile.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing several small samples showcasing the spring collection.  Two are custom thread kits while others hopefully will provide you with inspiration.  Make sure you keep an eye out for my posts this month! You may also like to check out my Pinterest.

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